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If you’ve got a big belly with matching bum and arms like a budgies legs, book this woman immediately because she sorted me out. I have a very active social life, late dinners, bottles of wine etc. Having Jay come to my house has not stopped me enjoying all that. Above all she's also managed to keep me interested for 18 months, now that deserves a round of applause.
Stifyn P-Producer

"Another broken relationship.  Why am I doing this job?  Why am I constantly unhappy and, quite frankly, depressed".  I felt like the walking dead, just going through the motions and routine of life. Unhappy, unfulfilled, uninvolved even in my own life.
I didn't know the answers but I wanted them...needed them.
Finding someone to talk to, to trust, who didn't just give it professional lip service and head nodding, but had actually 'walked the walk' was what I wanted.  And that's exactly who Jay is.
Her astonishing real life experiences, wisdom and holistic approach is helping me unravel my unhappy life and fill me with the power to permanently rid myself of damaging thoughts and behaviours, so that I can truly build the life I really want to live.

With her talent for using different approaches to suit you, there is 'no where to run and no where to hide" when you work with her. 
If you honestly want real life long lasting results, Jay will get you there.

JC, London.  Communications Director

Prior to my sisters wedding I really needed to lose 2 stone to feel good wearing a bridesmaids dress. I spent 2 months training with Jay twice a week and folllowing her healthy eating plan. On the day I was confident that I looked good in the dress and had a great time.
Janet W- Manager

Before I trained with Jay I was despairing at getting the results I wanted. I wanted the "fitness look" but was struggling to gain muscle in the right places. Jay tailors her regime and nutrition to the individual and soon showed me where I was going wrong. She helped me get the results I wanted without making life a misery and I can still enjoy my glass of wine. I have since qualified and become and instructor myself.
Sharon H-Fitness Instructor

I lead a very busy lifestyle and spend a lot of time entertaining. Training with Jay I was able to really improve my stamina and fitness. It makes my long day easier and really helps with stress.
John B-Managing Director

Jay has given me lots of encouragement and has taught me to look at things differently. Instead of looking at everything negatively I have begun to look at things positively. I am trying to change my thought patterns to be positive ones where things are beginning to shift. I know this doesn’t happen overnight. It is continuous and will probably take the rest of my life’s journey. I am now looking at myself differently and for the first time beginning to love myself first. I believe that I am my own special person. Although I am overweight I do believe that once I do not need the protection of my fat my weight will disappear. I also feel Jay has been very patient and I am trying to love the things I do.
Kay B-Sales Co-ordinator

Due to the rigors of my work as a Sports masseur, I have been suffering from tennis elbow, which is a painful condition caused by inflammation of a tendon attaching muscle to bone. As massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and Ultrasound physiotherapy have all had limited success and refusing to resort to cortisone injections, I consulted Jay known to me as a healer.
Despite the fact that I am not able to rest my elbow due to work, the condition has eased considerably over the past three or four weeks while I have been receiving treatment from Jay.
I must admit that in the beginning I was skeptical about the possible outcome, so I decided to "test" Jay. While she was holding my elbow, I envisaged bolts of lightening jumping from elbow into her hand. I asked her what she was experiencing during that time and she told me she was feeling a sharp, burning intermittent pain in the center of her hand.
It is a therapy I will continue to use as necessary due to the positive results I have experienced so far.
Mike E-Sports Masseur

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