What is it?

Reiki is Japanese in origin and is pronounced ‘Ray Key'. ‘Rei' is translated as universal essence and ‘Ki' is translated as life force energy and equates to ‘Chi' used by the Chinese. The literal translation of ‘Reiki' therefore is ‘vital life force energy guided by universal wisdom'.

Reiki is perceived in the main as a practice for healing the body, but it is also a method for healing the mind and spirit. Ultimately Reiki has the power to re-unite Mind, Body and Spirit to their optimal state of harmony. In a gentle and safe way, Reiki takes account of healing that is needed on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. It acts as a tonic and helps maintain good health. Reiki works well with conventional medicine as it complements and enhances the effects of other treatments and medicines. It is important to understand that it is not an alternative but complimentary medicine though can be very effective on its own. Reiki is a simple, gentle therapy, which can be used to reduce stress and aid relaxation.

How does it work?

‘Ki' is channelled to the client through the therapists' hands activating the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Reiki releases blocked energies, cleanses the body of toxins and creates a state of balance. Working wherever the client needs it most, it penetrates to the deeper levels of a persons being where ailments originate. It enhances the ability to take responsibility for ones life and make the necessary changes in lifestyle and attitude to promote a healthier, happier life. It works on a physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. You do not need to be spiritual to receive Reiki you just need to be ‘open' to healing and the energy will find its way to where it is needed.

What will happen?

Treatment takes place with the client lying down fully clothed and a full treatment lasts one hour though shorter treatments are available. The therapist gently places their hands in many positions on the body holding for several minutes allowing the energy to treat the source of the imbalance and not just the symptoms. Because it is gentle and non-invasive it is safe for anyone children, elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers and post surgery, everyone can receive Reiki. Whilst receiving a treatment the client often feels a warmth or gentle tingling in the area being touched. It is calming and because Reiki treats the ‘whole' person it can give the client a sense of deep relaxation and general feeling of well being.

What can I use Reiki for?

Reiki can help with most problems some examples are: Insomnia, Back pain, Arthritis, Migraine, Asthma, ME, Depression, Menopause and Pre Menstrual Syndrome, Stress, Eczema, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Lack of Energy associated with post viral infections or of unknown cause and many other conditions such as recovery from surgery.



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