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Is your idea of Personal Training a super fit 25 year old shouting at you to get fit, costing a fortune and feeling you are unable to function without them and like you want to slap them as they make it look easy and you feel it’s a struggle? Do you feel like you shy away from the idea as you don’t want to be shouted at or feel embarrassed in a gym by your weight, shape or fitness level?

So take a step back and how does the idea of an understanding, mature, very experienced, ex national champion athlete who has had to battle illness and injury and who doctors gave up on years ago and who has brought herself back to health and fitness level through patience, understanding, knowledge and perseverance, sound?

Jay had exercised all her life from the age of 10 until 2000 when she was stopped in her tracks by a serious car accident. She saw a total of 5 Orthopaedic surgeons, 3 Osteopaths, 2 Neurologists until she finally got a proper diagnosis which took 5 years with the help of a very patient GP. Frustrated like many people she almost gave up and put on over 30lbs in weight through inactivity and comfort eating. Finally she got referred to an Osteopath who was amazing, found a great Ayurvedic therapist and got a proper diagnosis from the Hospital for Neurosurgery in Queens Square. Once she had the correct diagnosis she got to work using her own knowledge for her fitness and nutritional regime and with her therapists worked out a treatment plan and got to work getting herself back onto the road to fitness. Whatever she knew she used and whatever she didn’t she learnt including doing a certificate in Pain Management. She had never quite given up hope of getting fit again although at times almost!

Jay has also had seven lots of abdominal surgery, seven pregnancies and thirteen car accidents in total and knows that anything is possible with the right approach! Injury, pregnancy, illness etc are life events and don’t need to leave you with an out of shape and overweight body. With the right approach and nutrition you can do anything you want within your own genetics and limitations.

So whatever your problem or need, weight loss, fitness level, toning, recovering from injury or illness, shaping up after pregnancy etc Jay is the trainer for you. She works with one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home. She understands the ups and downs of life better than most but is also able to use a unique experience and motivate you rather than shout at you, encourage with understanding and coach you towards your goal without belittling you or allowing you to make excuses. Personal Training can be used for a short burst to get back into shape or for a reminder and a motivator session now and then to keep you focussed.





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