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Life Coaching is a method of finding a route from where you are to where you want to be. Sometimes the first step is to clarify the two, sometimes we are already clear of them both but lack the ‘map’ to get from one to the other a bit like trying to find your way across a countryside that you don’t know without any road signs. You may feel you can get there in the end if you stop and ask directions but not everyone knows the way which means you take wrong turns and get held up and frustrated after awhile. With a coach by your side you can plan the route from the journeys start decide on the length of the journey and have your destination firmly in mind.

Life Coaching stretches you, makes you search inside yourself for what your authentic self desires from life and helps you realise goals that fit in with the relationships you have around you without compromising who you really want to be. Sometimes we get so caught up in living day to day life that we forget that photography course we promised ourselves we would do, forget the exercise routine we endeavoured to start, forget the poetry we said we would write or the painting we said we would paint, the trip to New Zealand or to the Taj Mahal and the list goes on for many people. Many people find themselves growing old without ever really doing any of the things they promised themselves. Life Coaching reminds you of those things and sometimes whilst stretching you it helps you find new things and goals and often guides you to places and destinations you didn’t think were possible apart from in your dreams.

Having a Life Coach as a personal coach aids you to find your truth with an objectivity that others around you may not have. Jay doesn’t have any agenda other than to help you to get to where you want to go and be who you want to be.  Jay helps you to understand the value of each choice you make but also any consequences. Jay shows empathy and understanding without allowing excuses.

How does Coaching work? What will the sessions involve?

Some coaches work by email or phone as well as 1-1. Jay only sees clients face to face either in a clinic setting or at home. Her own style is to work totally holistically and to draw on her other knowledge depending on the reason the client is seeking a coach. The home environment of the client is the perfect setting to have the first consultation which will be 2 hours with subsequent sessions being 1hr. The environment we live in is a reflection of who we are and sometimes is in itself a reason to seek the help of a coach. Whether it is time management, clutter, relationships, balance, health issues, finances, life events or transitions, there are many and varied reasons for why a person seeks a coach. Sessions range from one to 10 sessions in length anything that involves deeper issues or problems, involves a different technique. During the initial consultation a plan is made and a way forward is an adventure in the making.



Life Coaching


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