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Jay Morgan Hyrons, Phd in Life
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

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Jay started off at dance school at the age of 10 and has trained in all areas of dance to incorporate ballet, tap, ballroom, Latin American and modern dance. It has been a focal point for her creativity for most of her life and she was still dancing professionally at the age of 38. She became a fitness competitor in the early 90's and her titles include 1994 EFBB London and South East England, 1994 Kent Open, 1995 Southampton Open and the 1995 NABBA Miss England Figure and in 1998 she qualified for the Tropicana Fitness Finals. She also has a few second places and says about them "It's the competing and enjoyment that are important not the size of the trophy". During her competing days she trained herself, did her own nutrition and Choreography and only used outside help for her tan!

Jay has many years of teaching experience specifically within the fitness field. She ran a health club in the mid 80s and taught up until the late 90s with her experience including classes for schoolchildren between the ages of 14-16, classes for mentally handicapped adults and brain damaged children, stamina training for two football teams, aerobics, circuits, step and weights. She first qualified in weights in 1986 and never looked back going on to train in massage, nutrition, all areas of fitness, colour analysis and some beauty therapy. She worked as a personal trainer up until 2000 when she was involved in a serious road traffic accident and had to give up all exercise for some time. At this time she had to dig deep and become her own Life coach and when other health professionals either wanted to perform surgery or gave up on her she organised her own rehabilitation.

Jay also trained as a counsellor and worked for some time in an NHS hospital extending a hospice counselling service into the main hospital. Having lost her beloved husband at the age of 24 in the Falklands War she specialised in bereavement. During this time she counselled terminally ill patients and their relatives and co-ran group therapy sessions. She also ran courses and workshops for health care workers in basic counselling skills. She has studied psychology for more than 20 years and says it is the 'ology' that never stops with a diploma". In the eighties after training in massage Jay discovered ability for spiritual healing which after working with the terminally ill and doing post graduate seminars and studies with the connection between stress and disease she had an increased interest in the holistic approach. In 2003 Jay went back to studying and completed her second degree Reiki training in 2003 making her a certified practitioner. In 2005 she became a Reiki Master and is now a Master/Teacher specialising in Self-Development through the chakras. She retrained in Massage, she has many other complimentary health qualifications & for a full range click on the 'qualifications' tab. Jay is committed to continued professional development & as such is still adding to the list!

Jay sees clients for a variety of reasons and her favourite sayings are "Most problems are not problems but situations and you can change a situation" and "No-one dies wishing they watched more tv!". There is not necessarily always a "quick fix" or there might be but there is always a way forward.'

Her work is primarily with women although men are welcome as clients also!


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