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Problems come in all shapes and sizes as people do. Sometimes it can be time management, stress, bereavement, compulsive behaviour, unexplained physical symptoms, relationship issues, exercise or ‘not wanting to issues’, weight or body shape, sell esteem and self worth issues, menopause, pregnancy and motherhood, career changes etc


Stress on its own is one of the biggest killers in the western world today and although many people are aware that heart disease and cancer and other debilitating diseases are on the increase they often do not know what to do about it.  Many people are aware they need lifestyle changes but do not know where to start. For example many good personal trainers do not know much about nutrition, many nutritionists know very little about exercise, many massage therapists work on a muscular/skeletal level but do not understand the life force energy system and the chakras, many spiritual healers have very little knowledge about physiology and anatomy, and many counsellors wouldn’t know what exercise they could prescribe or what foods to tell you to eat to help you feel better on top of the ‘talking’ therapy. Is it any wonder that people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds trying to find answers to things that actually could be so simple if they got the best type of help for themselves from the beginning?

SO MAKE THE BEGINNING WORK FOR YOU! Jay has one of the widest ranges of qualifications you will find. She also uses and has a great knowledge of other therapies that she isn’t qualified in for example, such as acupuncture.  Jay works in a completely holistic way and with the mind, body, spirit connection that affects us all.

The consultancy service means either one or two sessions depending on the complexity of the issue or issues and each session is approximately two hours long.  It gives a client a plan of action suited to the individual working within their own needs, budget and also suited to their personality.  If seeing her on a one to one basis is not either appropriate or she has a waiting list, rest assured she will help you find the best therapists, trainers or whatever type of professional help that you need or desire to get you THAT LIFE YOU WANT.



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